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An average home collects up to 40lbs of dirt, allergens and dust in the air ducts every year. Imagine how much of that you and your family members will be inhaling on a daily basis. These things don’t come to our attention until someone catches an allergy or severe respiratory conditions such as Asthma. This is the reason why we cannot recommend it enough to get a professional cleaning service for your air duct.

Luckily, we at After Hours Cleaning Services also provide air duct cleaning and the best part is that we use our extremely powerful vacuum to clean the ducts and vents. The vacuum flushes out all of the dirt and dust and leaves your ducts completely clean.

Keeping Your Air Clean For Your Family

With the increasing awareness of health, many homeowners realize the necessity of cleaning air duct on a regular basis. Over the period, the air duct used in air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems builds up debris

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We care deeply about the impression you make on others. We are dedicated to creating clean, safe and healthy environments for both commercial and residential spaces. Contact us today for that “Sparkling Clean”.

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