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Clean, Protect & Preserve


If you are only focusing on vacuuming, please remember that it will not keep your rugs free from dust, dirt or allergens. The small particles of dust and allergens settle down deep in the fibers that are not even reachable by vacuum.

At After Hours Cleaning Services, we use the hot water extraction method that sends hot water to deeper fiber levels of the area rug and removes the stains, dirt and allergens from the roots leaving a clean and health friendly rug behind.

Fine & Oriental Rug Cleaning

When cleaning the oriental rugs, you need to be extra careful because they have sensitive fibers and trap a lot more dust and allergens. This is the reason why we recommend that you let the professionals do the job and provide you with a clean and as good as a new oriental rug.

Our facility is well equipped with the machines that carry out a deeper cleaning to extract all the dust particles and allergens that is just not possible if you do it on your own.

Our fully trained staff and the advanced cleaning techniques allow us to safely remove the allergens, pet urine stains, dirt and odors without the use of harsh chemicals so you can enjoy a clean and environmentally friendly rug.

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area rug cleaning


We care deeply about the impression you make on others. We are dedicated to creating clean, safe and healthy environments for both commercial and residential spaces. Contact us today for that “Sparkling Clean”.

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